Dutch Valley Food Development has created a line of versatile dry mixes for dips and dressings. These mixes are easy to prepare and require few additional ingredients. Most dressing mixes have an alternative preparation method that allows the customer to use the same mix to create a dip, such as our traditional Ranch Dressing mix. Many of our dip mixes also have alternative preparation methods that allow the customer to create unique dressings. For example, the Natural Strawberry Dip mix can be used to create unique strawberry vinaigrette. This line of dry mixes can also be added into tried and true recipes. Whether that be adding the French Onion Dip mix to your traditional meatloaf, or using the Natural Raspberry Dip mix in your next cheesecake, these mixes allow the customer to be creative and find new and exciting ways to incorporate our products into their meals every day.

Some of our signature dips include:
• Vegetable
• Alpine Spinach
• Nacho Cheese
• Natural Strawberry
• Natural Black Raspberry

Some of our delectable dressings include:
• Italian
• Ranch
• Cole Slaw
• Bacon Ranch
• Blue Cheese