Soups & Sides

Dutch Valley Food Development has created a wide variety of soups and side dishes to meet your specific needs. Some of our most popular creations are:

  • Old fashioned, slow-cooking soup and bean blends, which are as economical as they are delicious.
  • Quick and easy complete powdered soup mixes, which are ready to eat in less than 30 minutes.
  • Healthy grain and rice blends that serve as a convenient side dish to any meal.
  • International rice pilafs that will add new flavor to your traditional meals.
  • Meals-in-Minutes,® our line of fast cooking side dishes and single skillet meals for nights when you have a limited amount of time to prepare dinner.

We also offer many All-Natural and Certified Organic products within our soup and side dish line. In addition, we are able to customize and manufacture your own recipes.